Clipboard Block

Copy To Clipboard Block Examples

The Copy To Clipboard Block provides a button or link in which custom content may be copied to a user’s clipboard. It’s used throughout the STAX theme demo for the purpose of copying blocks and patterns that may be pasted into the WordPress block editor. Additionally, the block is a great tool for copying coupon codes or other code snippets for developer websites.

Multiple block variations are showcased below. Each variation may be copied to your clipboard, and pasted directly into your WordPress block editor. However, the Organic Blocks plugin is required.

Please Note: These are example style variations created to showcase the block flexibility. Any variation can be modified to your liking, and entirely new variations may be created using the block settings.

Variation 1

Click To Copy
Copied to clipboard!

Variation 2

Copy This Quote
The quote has been copied to clipboard!

Variation 3

Another Quote To Copy
The quote has been copied to clipboard!